Matthew Tischler was born in Pasadena California in 1983. Son of a 1st generation Estonian father and an Irish mother, Matt grew up passionate to succeed in any event in front of him. He was active in action sports at a young age. He excelled in BMX racing as a teen and became PRO elite in his early twenties. He always loved independent sports because they taught him to be fully responsible for the outcome, make calculated decisions based on learnings, and thrive to win.

Matt loved to sketch all throughout his adolescence, especially in class. Once he graduated high school, he worked at a tattoo parlor/clothing shop called, Outkast. The shop inspired him to start painting and eventuality nodded in to tattooing.

Matt's tattoo path transformed from a hobby to a devout career when he saw the scene of Tom Cruise sketching Penelope Cruz's portrait in the film, Vanilla Sky. In 2008, Matt started to tattoo friends in the BMX industry. Once he found his niche for illustrative neo-traditional portraits, Matt's drive skyrocketed.

Today, as a world renowned artist, Matt's passion for winning and ambition for his craft has transcended him to be a one-of-a-kind creator. He spends his life dedicated to tattooing, surfing, traveling, and spending time with his family.